Unheard(The result of being bullied)

We're spreading the odors

Name calling like ogers 

World full of freeloaders 


Sugar coaters 

Quickly speeding others gears 

Like motors 

She's a true devoter 


That's what I told her 

It's never ending 

She needs the love 

That will never roll over 

She needs one that will carry on 

Someone not to walk by 

But through 

Like red rover

Not like a game 

But a dedicated server to takeover 

Someone Who will truly know her 

Won't Treat Her like A leftover that you order 

She needs a miracle 

four leaf clover


I'm focusing on touching upon peace 

There's usually a reason for people being mistreat 

It's not right 

Or logic to bully those who can't defend themselves 

No point to fight 

Or hurting one another

She gives off a melody that makes you lose your seat 

Got a heart to her own pace 

Own Steady beat 

No copies 

Or repeat 

She has a voice of her own 

Let the girl speak 

Thoughts leak 

Keep shutting her out 

And she'll never feel complete 

Our thoughts should be spread 

Given concrete 

Never discrete 

Or hitten upon delete


Our love should be spread 

If one person left out 

How will peace be set 

How could we provide a better outlet 

If it's all hidden or unkept 

The poor girl often wept 

Her emotions are stripped 

She's held at debt 

All she really needs is a friend who is there to accept 

Who is right hand at her side 

Where support won't be left 

At least one memory that she won't forget 

She wants to create partnerships and relationships that she won't regret 

Quit causing a mess and being a threat

instead of becoming her friend


She's entitled to speaking her mind 

She deserves a soulmate 

We deserve better mankind 

That is why often our generation is charged within crime 

Ever thought that one time maybe 

they've been left behind 

Ever thought that's what caused us to become blind 

Good people 

Beautiful souls

have been diificult to find 

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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