The Seven Sins of Man

I mouth dirges in the Cimmerian shades of an ancient burghal,

Where amongst the burning wreckage, a man who I once was sits waiting still,

Hoping upon the stars that one day I may revert and end the mayhem.

I am the justice in crucifixion, and you are the impurity of my perfection.

My soul screams for redemption from this hatred, but my aching mind burns for revenge.

I am wrath the furious, whose morals lie in merciless savagery.

Woe is me, who cannot rebuttal against joy with peace.


I sing alluring melodies of sin to my waiting audience in the theatres of life

Whose souls are now trapped within my red web, as a moth in that of a spider’s.

I am the love of profusion, and you are the hatred in my modesty.

I entice them with my soft, swaying expressions and leave them entranced within my gaze.

Life after life I use, sparing very few for my own passion. I manipulate the world to match my narcissism.

I am lust the lascivious, who craves the world’s attention in my shame.

Feel my pain, o mortal man, as my erotic world is but imaginary.


I chant covetous desire, my voice growing more intense with each word.

My avaricious desires stand in front of my goals, blinding me and leading me to nowhere.

My hunger for more leads to my destruction, as it will for all men who take my path.

I am everything in satisfaction, and you are nothing of my desire.

My world is abandoned, stranded upon the shores of nothing and yet everything surrounds me!

Lo and behold o man, the terror that leads to your very destruction stands before you now.

I am greed the avarice, my weakness lies in my own pitiful creation.


I utter atrocious profanities at the material wealth of the higher privileged.

My own void of hate must be spread as spores with mixed greed and desire;

Jewels for lives, I sacrifice it all to destroy happiness.

I am the power of piracy, and you are my weak endowment.

I kill for the tingling innervations aroused when I steal your soul- the reaper of another man's bounty!

War is my name, Hell is my fate. The sisters of heaven shun my very existence.

I am a monster, an atrocity, look well man, for this is the ugly head of Envy.


I moan dark sighs of pain, as trapped forever in a working world am I.

My sheepish gaze stares at man with a deep expression of nothingness,

I fear change, I fear work, and yet the strongest and quickest of my siblings am I.

I am the greatness in reverie, and you are the incompetance of reality

I have such unspoken potential, but I choose to waste it for the simplicity of sleep.

Life is such a bother to me… Time is such a bother, and even death is bothersome.

I am Sloth the Indolent. Look upon me and know that from indolence nothing is born.


The disgusting groans of my deathly stomach sound through my ears,

Through my ravaging I see my dark sins of blood; I live a life of waste.

I am eternally hungry for more, as I am the true portal to pain.

I am the hunger of vigor, and you are the starvation in tallow.

I pick my blackened teeth with the bones of man; nothing can be spared for my being.

I am Gluttony the voracious; my childish stupidity leads me through a bleak, merciless world

Sin after sin, look upon me and know that wasting life is a cruelty to humanity.


I speak strong words of profound wisdom to man

Who listen to me in awe, as I am but a child with the wisdom of and elder.

My flaws lie in your own thoughts, for I am perfection itself; my creation a flawless form

I am all in one, and you are nothing of all.

I stand down to no man, and I hold the truth dearly that I am God himself.

I am Pride the Arrogant, my ways stand as a model for disaster.

Man approaches me with little caution, in spite that I am the destruction of his race.




I'll go ahead and kick off my first poem on this site with one I wrote awhile back. You can see that it is written in a classic style, which isn't something usual for me, but it worked well in my opinion. Maybe it didn't, that's your choice I suppose. I wrote it because my favorite epic of all time is Dante's Divine Comedy and I felt inclined to personify each sin in direct reference to Dante's Inferno.

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