Humanity's Flaw

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 12:40 -- MNWolf


United States

We are not our brother’s Keeper but that does not make us his Executioner.

What right have we to take other’s lives from them, like a thief in the night?

No matter how we may try to hide it or deny, we are all humans, we all laugh, and cry, and live.

No one is God, so I will ask again.

What right have we to take other’s lives from them?

Playing Judge and Jury is like a little girl dressing up in her Mother’s clothes, is only enhances our foolish nature and our belief that we have the power to decide other’s lives and Fate when in reality we have little effect.

Not even the most pure human on earth possesses that right or even comes close to grasping it so what chance do we have?

We should not look to each other's faults and  eliminate them for possessing flaws, no one is perfect.

We should instead be embracing the individuality we have and learn from one another, because without each other we have nothing.


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