Eye of the Storm


United States
33° 51' 57.7656" N, 98° 29' 23.046" W

Swirling chaos engulfs my feet

Yet my heart is a welcoming port

As those wicked waves batter the gentle world





I meet the storm’s eye with my own

And then I realize—

I realize that there’s beauty in Neptune’s decaying psyche.

While yes,

It may be saturated with hardships

Drowning its very soul.


But it’s irrelevant.

It remains human.


My fellow people see that storm and make a frenzied dash from the storm.

But a few loyal friends stay close by my side.

We see the storm.

We walk towards it





I tell them succulent secrets as we paddle against

The vicious waves beating us with a mighty force

Trying to usher us back to shore.

But I remember to beat on ceaselessly.

I whisper that the beatings will finish.

I utter that paradise will be in sight.

I motivate them and invigorate

My comrades with a newfound strength to continue.


We arrive with our salt-stained tongues and

Our fatigued arms give out as we rest in that unmoving center.

At ease we flopped on our backs

Watching the ravaging storm

Slowly fading to the urges of pacifism.


We fall down laughing,

Joking that we had made a change

And start our journey back as new people.


Upon exiting the water we greeted those cowards with smiles.

We don’t blame them, but chuckle and embrace them

And they entangle their arms in our own.

My heart beats for these moments—

My heart longs for these moments when humanity

Overcomes the temptation of evils

Rather than yielding to it.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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