To change the world in the blink of an eye

In a way such that no more needlessly die

To let Nature run its course

To eliminate those who rule by force

A species capable of worldwide peace

Wages wars that will not cease

We've polluted the well from which humanity drinks

What must be changed is the way one thinks

Many see the world as black and white

But experience tells us that's just not right

There's more to this world than what we can see

There's more to life now that we're free

Free from the daily struggle to survive

Into the depths of the mind we now can dive

From the warping of spacetime foretold by General Relativity

To virtual particles in the quantum realm of probability

The mind unlocks the Universe

But also leaves us with a curse

Many feel entitled to the Earth

Destroying it to increase their worth

Pompous men claim the throne

Yet they fear what is unknown

Content with conquering continents

Ignorant of Nature's monuments

The way we think is largely flawed

Revering such a spiteful God

What must be changed is the way we think

Of our extinction, we stand on the brink

No longer shall men rule by fear

Governments shall now become clear

We must not lie, we must not hate

We have the strength to change our fate

All life is a single family

We must realize that unity

To change the way humans think

To cleanse the well from which we drink

We must work towards saving Mother Earth

Nothing compares to her worth

Set aside these petty fights

Aim for even greater heights


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