What do we do when our loved ones need us?

When do we decide to jump to their aid?

Where do we go when they leave us in the dust?

Why do we let them take advantage of us?


What do we do when our enemy asks for help?

When do we raise our white flag for them?

Where do we draw the line between humans and savages?

Why did we ever give hate to our brothers and sisters?


What do we do when strangers reach out to us?

When do we realize they’re not so strange after all?

Where do we take these brand new revelations?

Why didn’t we embrace them sooner?


What do we do when our own souls suffer?

When will we stop putting ourselves down?

Where will we collect our burdens and change them for the better?

Why are we the causes of our own selfish pain?


How do our allies cry when we are gone?

How do our enemies feel lost when we disappear?

How do our strangers notice we’re not there?

How do we live for others, but not for ourselves?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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