Hush the childrens of Africa we hush

left in the streets, bare footed in despair

feeling like a hardware without the software

a constant warfare,

a war declared to violate the human rights

& the snakes,validating oppressing,

obsessed with the gains of pains

& we, in need of breaking the chains

for we,must get up and brush of the dust powder,

treading us like a cargo his dream on our shoulders.


Best believe this is reality

buckling up for the worst, brutality

morality we lose in these places we living

mortality endangered by fatality seeking people

we’re crying, under’ our lips yelling

just wanting to shatter the shackles like glasswares

& they, imprisoned us, strangled us,

Neck on the verge of giving

&  the pain beyond compare,

a quick death we wish for

never tasted a fresh breath of air


controlled and work a holic,

like a human hound on a leash

told to cease thinking keep working hard

yet like a bug , keep stepping on us in the boots they wear

and we , keep keep hurting we can't bare

we implore and ask them to spare us

but you should see them glare with eyes of disappointment

that won't hesitate to implode us

& hush the childrens of Africa we Hush


shut up! they shout

i am your tribal leader

dismantle your mind & liberate yourself from the truth

only i am the brains the wisdom, your wise elder

so control your rage and give in to bondage

for i know what is good for you

to listen to me a self appointer, appointed myself

and fate proclaimed me  as your potentate, your master

my power absolute more powerful than a monarchy

so like a zombie , march and follow me

to fulfill my dreams to destroy and demolish

you foolish being abolish your hopes and

erase with the dust

or give in to my rain ,do not be insane


& hush, the childrens of Africa we hush


shaken, silence we shelter and shoulder

see for us to express is like a

singer without the voice and mic

a bicker with out the weals and paddles

a warrior without the battles

a fish without the water  

so we push for the depth of the ocean

brick wall a cushion, sick

and the smile a sticker, projected

a trickster tricked us mind washed and not protected  

please help us , whoops cccccccccc wrong !

we can’t yell so you can’t hear us

hope is all lost, is that all there is for us

& hush the the childrens of africa we hush


tick tock tick tock around the clock

snakes out the dock

the venom they injected

conflicted, innocent yet convicted

pain they inflicted, but to pain

we’re addicted, they dictate

calling themselves tribal leaders

blood spill they mandate

starving for the kill and we ?

accepted submit in submission

waiting for the life to vacate


& hush, quietness a must

due to their dilapidated conditions

& diabolical missions they envision

to gain money , power, and fame


WAKE UP ! & and arise from this hallucination

thinking slavery ended look at your insanity

not seeing us getting drowned in druggery

we is to animals swett is to blood, used & abused

they say word to the wise,

keep the body healthy and kill the brain

but even that they couldn’t attain

flying nameless bullets keeps invading our brain.

survival of the fittest life we can't maintain

bottled up in anger we can’t contain


so like a mindless brute and mindless beast

we roam around feeling all concealed,

messed up, deceased, addicted to yes

so to this our life forcefully dedicated

but fate has it , can’t depict a vision without quietness

so we,

Hush, the childrens of africa we hush


we’re the helpless kids enthralled in Africa

given a gun, a pistol as a birthday toy

by HE, thrilled with the goar, the spill of blood

lurking in the shadows.

our minds lost  can’t break free

but what are you prepared to do

are you gonna hush, hush, and hush too ?

remember on the day that God will ask you

what good did you do ?

Help the children of Africa

for this cruelty they must go through



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