When I look to the sky,

I know...

I know I used to be there,

a small clump of atoms in the stars of someone else's sky,


As I peer back 13.7 billion years,

I know...

I know I am watching a legacy unfold,

I know I see the cosmic embryo of others like me,


When the Sun grow too large,

and I cannot see the other stars,

my atoms will return from whence they came,

never to think the same thoughts again

But, Oh, I hope that is not my end,


To join another gas cloud and condense again,

around a brilliant source of light,

to spring from the primordial swamps again,

to look up inspired and take flight,


Back to the Cosmos that gave me life,

I am stardust, and I wish to be in the skies again,

a beacon in the skies of aliens,

professing a heeded message of an immortal poem,

back to the depths of darkness and become light,

my final journey home,


When I look to the sky,

I wish...

I wish to go... home


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