Mediocrity is dominant in the addressing of global issues.  'The world will heal, just give it time.'  That time is mine granted by God, and I do not wish to use it by drowning in oppression and subjection.  I fantasize about a world without prejudice and hatre​d, yet those were the motifs of my childhood.  I dream about a positive media, yet I was raised by a television, with planes crashing into thousands of lives. I crave the ability to feel safe at all hours, yet right down the road is where I was nearly killed in an act of innocence.  I cry for my international brothers and sisters to survive their societal pressures, yet they are pulled in by the reigns of categorization, and act as cyclins to the burning world around us.  Meliorism is only a facade by the powerful to mask the incrimination they have melted upon the world, and their follies only continue to build along with the turmoil that will be the demise of the human race.
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Our world


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