Beautiful People (the good and the bad)

One thing that's been both a blessing and a curse in my life is my ability to see all that's amazingly good in a person; and those are the parts I fallin love with. Which is never a good idea, because the fact of the matter is, life doesn't allow you to be "good" for very long. This world throws so much bullshit at you that anything inherently good about you will run for cover and your innocence will fold and shrivel up in a corner. Then all of a sudden it's gone...the  person you were before life happened seemingly evaporates and vanishes with time, and you've become this bitterly hollow shell of who you once were. That's my curse, I manage to attract these masked beings, lacking the courage to be who it is they really are and all too willing to hurt me before I can even think to do the same. But through the cracking of their voices and their 20 yard stare, I can see something so beautiful that all the effort they made to hide themselves becomes null and void, because I can see it all; the beauty that life tricked them into burrying beneath all their fears and insecurites. I become intrigued to dig for more, but they say if you stare at the sun for too long, you'll hurt your eyes...maybe thats why love is blind. We spend so much time veering at the beauty in the person that we ignorantly allow the ugliness to sneak up and take us by "suprise", when all the long we knew it had been there, waiting for us to think we struck gold. 


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