Dont Judge Me


they look at me and all agree

they think im a stuck up white girl

like, "she probably gets all her shit for free"

ive got blonde hair, blue eyes.

and my skintone is real white

i wonder what people would think if they realized their judgements were lies

just because im white doesnt mean i grew up rich

cause in real life mommy and daddy were both working

yet we still had no money and we basically slept in a ditch

just because im white it doesnt mean shit

i grew up on the south side and im well known in my hood

i tell them this and they look at me like "your lies need to quit"

ive been stabbed in the hand and shot in the shoulder

all over drugs and money, because people now a days dont care

yet i continued to sell drugs as i grew older

Tucson goes hard, shit, that was MY hood

these niggas dont understand what its like to hear gunshots every night

all because of my apperance im misunderstood

i remember the first time i carried a strap

my dad had just bought me a used 45, i was about 9 at the time

and then a few years before he taught me to scrap

i was making a "delivery" one day in the projects,

when this nigga comes up to me and pops a cap in my ass

and i just remember being so thankful that he didnt want sex

the first time i saw a dead man in front of me

he had just been shot and no one seemed to care.

i was only 7, but i felt like i was the only one who heard his last plea.



i encourge all of you who read this to comment!! i love you all<3

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