I Am Love

Here I lay on my bed

A pillow is under my head

My room is dark and silent

A paper moves, so pops open my eyelids


Its early morning

Late night

Sleep is nowhere in sight


The snake slithers, shifting around in my room

Fear in my heart starts to take bloom

I can’t give into fear, to anger, to hate

There’s just too much that’s at stake


I remember what He taught me

Love is so deep, so wide, and so strong

I Am Love

Love pierced my heart with white hot prongs


I’m dead I’m done I can’t go on

Not without that love so intense so hot

It’s had me on my knees in this very spot

I’m addicted, I’m in love, with a God far above


He sings over me, a constant labor of love

Holy! Holy! Holy! I shout!

My song for Him forever ripping out

Ripping out of my flesh, my mind, my soul

Like a whirl wind, like a storm, He practically stole


My heart, my spirit, now my life is His whole

How can I fight? How can I resist?

Such perfect love, I’d be remiss

If I missed, this perfect bliss, called Jesus’ love

His intense kiss


Remiss? Remiss? Is this the word to describe

The misery, the loneliness, the horror of living a life

Without that love that abides

That rides

Every up and down of my life


Oh God! Come down, fall down, burn me up inside!

I’m lost without you! I’ve had a taste, now I’m done

Comes the words “Holy One, Holy One, Holy One.”


Once upon a time

I was constricted by the snake that had no life

With no purpose but to destroy all I hold dear

Winding around me and drawing me near

Nearer and nearer to death


It promised life through hate

Whispering how it cared, it was okay

Teaching me to rationalize, to justify

The lies, the ties, the things that bind

My mind to a series of misaligned, intertwined

Making me colorblind, reassigned

To a task too mundane to bear

Living every day staring, stare, stare, stare

At the sky, and at the canvas bare

The snake making me glare


To err in my prayer, because the snake has taken my there

To hate

The fate that made a date I couldn’t escape

The door named rape

With the demarcate of my traits


Baring the weight of a checkmate

Created before my birthdate

All the while my world gets smaller

As I’m swallowed by the anaconda that has wallowed

In my gene pool


Smirking at the abuse

Giving suggestions for how to use

Little girls as tools

For sex so cruel

That it takes 40 years to unspool

The gruel that makes up the cesspool

That you helped create, using children as bait

You bastard snake! Go to Hell! You’ve caused so much pain!


Then His love began to reign

And God said to me plain, “my love, my life

You are not predestined to rape in My design”


That His love had never waned

That I only had everything to gain

He unwound from me the snake easy as cake

And explained

In love and in power

That I must refrain, abstain

From the inane babbling of the insane


To tell the serpent that our gene pool is now God’s domain


So, I remember what love taught me

Love so deep, so wide, so strong

I Am Love

Love pierced my heart with white hot prongs


So Here I lay on my bed

A pillow is under my head

My room is dark and silent

A paper moves, but not my eyelids


Its early morning

But I’m still dreaming

Of songs and a labor of love so strong

That I can’t carry on


Without going on and on

About that mysterious love

Sent from above

Who rescued me from the snake, from being the bait, from the date

Made to orchestrate my demise

But instead I demolished with nails freshly polished

The Enemy of my state

Of virginity and purity


And every day I remember

Your glorious name, that flew down like a dove

Soft as a foxglove, my Perfect




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