That One Girl

Stop pretending you are so nice,

Hidden in the world like dirty mice.

Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice,

Taking a knife to your victims of choice.

You are weak because you can't keep quiet,

Admit the defeat of those you know are better.

You are weak because you can't understand,

You are not perfect, you are just a human.

You are weak because you find the need to tear others down,

To build a throne and wear the crown,

Be the tyrant to followers who speak kindly of you out of fear,

Only to be ignorant of their truths that won't reach your ears.


You know what you are?

Just society's creepy puppet,

Living a lie, just like little miss tuffet.

I don't give a shit that you are fucking right,

Your humanity is lacking in your empty mind.

So come and rejoin reality, where others know better,

Learn to be wrong, and learn to be better.

I give no shit about your fucking "perfection",

I give a shit about the people who need protection

From people like you who are too far off the ground,

And atomic bomb waiting to come down.

So you can go live your "perfect little life"

But know that you won't find love, nor friendship in that light.

Be a human, and make mistakes,

Accept deafeat, and learn to change.

You are human, we are too,

That we know it makes us better than you.


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