If someone ever comes to up me
With a bag of Skittles and candy in their mouth,
With the lame pick-up line:
"Do you want to taste the rainbow?"
I'll say yes, of course I do.
Not because I want to kiss them,
But because I'll be thinking of something different,
Something grand and amazing.
I'll be thinking of the world with all its colors,
And how we all live in this amazing rainbow,
With people in every corner of the world,
And how I want to meet every single one of them,
How I want to hear their stories
And learn what it's like to be them.
I want to taste the rainbow,
I want to see your colors.
I want to know who you are.
I want to sit next to you, hold your land, 
Lean against you,
Or rest my head on your shoulder,
As you tell me about your life.
I want to hear your voice wash over me,
To hear the emotion in it as you talk about things
That make you happy, angry, sad,
Thing that make you laugh or cry.
And at the end of it,
I want to see you smile
When I say "I love you."
Because I do.
I love you and everything you are.
I love the cracks in your heart,
Where you've been broken before.
I love the mended edges,
Where someone has fixed you.
I love the weariness in your eyes,
That show your travels through lfe.
I love your pain, your sorrow, your tragedy,
Because when I see it in your face,
I know you are alive, and you have survived.
I love your happiness, your smiles, your laughter,
Because I know you have the ability
And capacity to heal, to overcome trials, to triumph.
I love your innoncence, your belief in something good.
I love your darkness, your knowledge that shadows will always be there.
You are human, you are flawed, you are beautiful.
You are perfect in your humanity,
And I love you.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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