Being Humans


We are humans.

We’re made up of skin and bones,

muscles and cartilage.

We all have blood running in our veins,

fueled by each beat of our heart.

We have monsters in our heads

and bruises on our spines.

My eyes may be a different shade;

my skin a different color;

my body a different shape;

my smile a different kind of summer;

my dreams a different path.

But our eyes still see.

Our skin still feels.

Our body still develops.

Our smile still forms.

Our dreams still fill our heads.

We’re humans.

Both you and I.

When we’re torn up,

we all have bones, muscles, and a pumping heart

lying beneath our skin.

We all have feelings running in our veins,

fueled by each moment in our life.

We all have scars, emotional or physical.

We all have mistakes trickling in our spines

and daydreams coursing in our heads.

So if for a second you think you’re alone,

think again.


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