Built upon bloodshed and mass genocide

maybe the color of my skin did dictate innocent lives


We probably did take it all away

The culture, the land, the native beauty


Maybe there’s still a little racism  

a little sexism, a little competition


But we’ve come a long way


We’ve stood tall with the first black president

and our pride is evident


We have taken but we’ve also given


Deconstruction to reconstruction


These hands may have darkness engraved from the fingertips


but the power of the people has lead to influential words to escape from these lips


But am I just masking the truth?


When the curtains are closed and the cameras are off, who is America?


Are we a place that tells people everyone is equal yet equality is the last thing that shapes this country?


The black kids walk the streets so mean, the cops didn’t understand a thing.


Watch the celebrities run the industry, dressed as confidence to conceal the honesty


Our image, our songs, our self interest


No child left behind they all say, but seems like success comes a little easier to those who can acquire currency the dirty way


It seems like we have a foundation of hypocrisy  


The past can’t be changed and I  understand but  whatever happened to changing the future… wasn’t that the plan?


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



This is my poem regarding society's superficial views and lack of morality clouding my judgements. 

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