Much more to humanity than being White or Black, no inferiority nor superiority.

No African No American and nothang like Asian. All I see on earth is humans.

No black no white or yellow complexion, but all were humans of same kind.
All Lives Matter. And if humans should be categorized, Black Lives Matter.

Why do we kill each other? It doesn't really matter who you're nor where you from, we were nothang but brother.(s)

He Who wishes the world peace would not alone dwell therein. Black lives matter as well as every other's.

We have got to change the way we live, change the way we think, we got to change the way we treat each other.

We need to change the way we perceive one another. What's love if what we only understands is to kill each other?

The black needs the white and what could the white do without the black? Even the world is made Black and White. So tell me why do white hate on black?

(I asked my little lad here of the type of color, all he could first mentioned was Black and White.)

So tell me
since we all realized both white and black were divine colors,
why do we have to fight one another?

Instead of us building humanity and making the world a better place for everyone.

Let us not spare any room for racism in our world. If we can't be together, why would God made us together? He would have set us on a separate world.

Why do we have to live under oppressive laws? How do lives survive where and when solidarity becomes history?

Much more to life than poverty. All lives matter no difference. No Peace for a wicked mind, If nobody tell you, who seen you ever made it higher by bringing others down?

Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone. Mistakes are inevitable in our world. Freedom is essential for both white and black humans

Even the judges can be wrong too. Why do we judge each other, and yet telling people to be themselves and yet judge them?

All lives matter. Corona plaque has no place in our midst and social distancing doesn't separate us, hatred do murder us. Love keeps us together.

We got to learn to be a brother's keeper, no to racism because Black and every lives matter.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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