May 12: Equivocate - To be unclear or ambiguous, usually to mislead, conceal truth or avoid commitment

Black or white

Red or Blue

Left or right

Right or wrong

Good or evil

Truth or Lie


There’s no such thing as two sides anymore.

It’s only everything in between.


There was a time when everything was simpler

Then we started asking questions

Some took advantage of the simplicity

Thus, raising the very questions

That bends our reality

Forcing unto us,



Our capabilities have come so far

Relativity is our only explanation

Carelessness cannot be described as good or evil

It is neither

In fact, it doesn’t care

It doesn’t care because one can use both to describe carelessness


What to do next….

I say,

There is nothing more to do

Do anything else

But to sink or swim


This poem is about: 
Our world


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