Where I Ought To Be

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 01:58 -- JSeva01


They tell me that your love is one that can't withstand their reality. 

They claim that all I need is a grasp of familiarity. 

A look-see into the future so I can stop wondering where I ought to be. 

A halt to all dreams beautiful and breathtaking

A reverse button pressed, a do-over done, a way to save me 

A way to try and stop me from drowning in floods of dreams that I have created

They want to stop the breathtaking scenery in my mind I've waited for all my life . 

They tell me to step back  from who I wish to be 

They say that I need to dig myself out of what I aimed to see. 

I will never let my dreams touch base with their reality. 

I will look at them face to face but, keep my eyes blinded by those dreams that can turn into actuality 

Only I can decide where I ought to be. 



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