Why Measure Me?

Why measure me with your yardstick

Enduring your arrogance and intellectual spit

Think you could stand the pain it inflicts?


Blame all your social ills on the likes of me

Your new cars, houses and fancy pedigrees

Just who are you to look down on me

Think you can really define what you see?


You’re born into life without a care

Different sides of the track you can’t compare

The pretty rose-colored glasses you always wear

Brush our lives in shades of paint that’s unfair


Because we speak differently

Doesn’t indicate a level of inferiority

Just exposes your insecurity

About your degree of superiority


Take some classes on diversity

Learn about culture differences at the University

It’s not just about adversity

They teach us we don’t have to be bloodthirsty


Get off your high horse and see

How well you handle generations of poverty

If it doesn’t change you quite moderately

Whether you still see poor people as animal property


True-life isn’t always as it seems

From conservatives to fanatical extremes

It’s time to find the middle of the stream

Start encouraging each other to fulfill our dreams


This poem is about: 
Our world


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