What is Race?

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 07:20 -- LydMyr


You ask what is race,

something simple as a face,

the color of the skin,

or your fellow kin.

There is a blank space

That our very clock face

Does not encase

Could not replace

Doesn't change our place

As human.


You ask what is race,

An old age test case

to separate


Just in case

t'be a higher place

to try and erase

cultural efface.

We need to retrace

Our Roots.


You asked whats race,

something like the home base

of the human flaw,

its the common law.

Its a false face

A gun case

or a shoe lace

That ties in place


That human face(s)

Are the Same.




As Humans Our Roots Are the Same

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Our world


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