The Human Color


My favorite color is blue.
Why blue, you ask?
Because blue is universal
It is the color of all souls

Blue was the color of the sky millions of years ago
The sea has been blue for the entire course of humanity
When we are finished and spent, our planet will still be blue
From far, far away


When I am blue in despair
I am not alone
If the same blue blood runs through my veins
Then everyone knows blue. Everyone.


And if everyone's eyes twinkle at the bright sky
They will know freedom and laughter
They will know love and life
And they will breathe my same air as I die

If red is the color of passion and love
Then blue is the color of empathy
The color of understanding
The color of humanity

There is a shade of blue for each shade of human on this earth
And they are all unique, and all the same
But most importantly, we are all blue
Together. Inseparable. Human.


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