The Weight of our World

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 11:22 -- Evelios


United States
43° 5' 47.1876" N, 73° 43' 27.2964" W

This is a world where we are free
In a world of confusion
We live under the weight of the sky
Above the weight of the sea
We roam this world in hope for truth
But we find terror, dread, and sorrow
This barren wasteland of an oasis
Where we are free but not void of pain

Some of us prefer to be different, but we are mostly the same
Running through life thinking they know their purpose
The one’s that are different try to search for the truth
Some might find answers but can’t find proof
This world so confusing, mysterious, and misunderstood
We roam it and rarely acknowledge its existence
The general populace is brainwashed by the commodities of our culture
Fed with lies, mislead, punished
Only to benefit the prosperous and lead to the demise of meager citizens
We all have liberties and freedoms but are still completely restricted

We are free, yes free
But, what does that mean
We don’t know everything
We barely know nothing
Free but trapped, consumed, and tricked
Cursed by a world of hope and despair
We find ourselves confused and dazed
Still many hope, many pray
The one answer is sought but will not be found
All in wonder, but all together
We battle this world destroyed by a few
Now we all struggle and must unite
To come together to defeat the wrongs and banish the evils
We must leave none behind and keep looking forward
Change needs to be made, needs to be forced upon society
A union of people to complete our odyssey
Once fixed we will be truly free
Free of corruption, disorder, and anger
When all is said and done and our lives are restored
The weight of our world will be discovered to be a mere feather
The ocean and sea reunited forming an astounding conjunction of phenomenons
Their weight feeble compared to current times troubles
With the social order cleaned up after the reunion of humanity
The world can then start to be rebuild
Civilization recreated, reconstructed, and revolutionized
We as humans will have done our jobs
All weights finally returned to the weight of a leaf
A world enlightened and reborn

The path may be distant but can be brought closer by each and every citizen
Hope can be found but they just look in the wrong places
They know what to do but just need motivation to get there
The shackles must be broken and true freedom must be shown
The time to act is now
Because only in union will we change the problem afoot

The weight must be lifted


Ambiguous Melancholic

I loved this, so much. There is a profound message to be had in here. 

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