Within the deep black of space,

lies the possibility to explore

and discover more than we can ever hope to.

Imagine the endless possibilities.

Humanity has always been made up of pioneers,

explorers, and adventurers

and there is a new horizon for us to push to-

the greatest frontier in human history.

I’ve always defined society by its ability to overcome the impossible.

And we've barely begun.

I believe that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us

because our destiny lies in the future of mankind.

We must strive for a brighter future for our kind.

One of peace, prosperity, and unity.

There is one thing we have always

and will always be able to cling to,

even in our darkest hour.

Even when we find ourselves surrounded by conflict, hatred, and destruction.

And that is hope.

Hope that someday,

those of us who stand up and fight for a better tomorrow will bring about change

for the betterment of our civilization.

Hope that we will triumph over those who would seek to divide us.

Hope that as humankind we may stand at our strongest, together, as one.

Every one of us has the potential to change the world,

to shape the future of our species for better or for worse.

So let us stand united to pave the road towards the stars.

All of this is within our grasp - we just need to reach out and take it.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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