The Diagnosis is Fatal: You're Human


We wonder why there is so much cruelty in the world

Why we allow gluttons to live and children to starve

The rich to thrive and the poor to die

The heart to ache and the mind to break….

It is because we suffer so prettily...


Porcelain, Tan, Nut Brown

Dark Skinned, Light Skinned

A frown knows no race

Tears know no skin color

And fear knows no bounds

We all suffer in silence

Only some suffer out loud

Afraid of the bravery that they’re showing to the crowd

But unable to stop it all the same.

We suffer to the amusement of the higher beings

Our beloved Gods above

We suffer to amuse

To be filled with so much and allowed to feel so little

And still be overwhelmed

We are engulfed always-

Petty arguments, small bits of unfairness on one end, and then

Death and agony and torture on the other

Who could cope in such extremes?

Then there are the milder ways we suffer

The constant sea of grey we wade through

Pains here, aches there, hopes dashed and dreams quashed…

Where murders go unnoted and violence is the norm

We all suffer so prettily

So prettily.

Yet it is never enough

The masses we belong to

All ache in silence

All scream in silence

Weep in private

Out of fear

Of being Heard


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