Steady and strong, a titanic of force and power

The gears and cogs inside mathematically precise

Oh how marvelous a machine!

The earth trembles as it approaches

Mountains are mere pebbles against this titan

Even the sky must give way as it’s trumpet fills the air


Passengers inside, feeble and petite

Alone, they are dwarves to the mighty train

Yet, they are the maker

Their tiny hands, calloused and sore

Oh what a marvelous being!

Those scarred hands are proof of their unique strength

Collectively they made something much greater


A single man is only a limb in the tree of life

His brain and own beating heart, precise machines

Mathematically working together to do more than just survive, but live

Earth trembles before a train, because of it has already been beaten by man

Mountains, like Goliath can be beaten with only a few stones

The sky does not limit us


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