To me,

all apples tasted the same

no one had evil to bestow

I was but a lonely flame

just another Jane Doe.

But life challenges all smiles,

takes away what’s sure,

barrages you in trials

and leaves you to endure.

I cry, though not for them:

the carcass of society.

who are we to condemn

a fight for the Almighty?

Though I was a bystander

I was pushed to lead

a modest commander

a virgin to greed.

Let the cries for freedom run

fight the evils of totalitarian men.

My words against your gun,

your crown against my pen.

Humankind's declaring self-destruction

we bring forth our own death

they only care about oil production

take for granted our last breath.

And though we bled from wounds

that came from a common pain

tyranny and saddened tunes

poverty forgotten, monarchs drink champagne.

only knowledge can make us turn

unity should not be strange

love cannot be learned

for only then our world we'll change.

When land and water are over copper

and we speak with louder voices

only then will our world prosper:

once we join to fight the poison



this is really great

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