Love Me

Love me, I am seventeen years old and I've finally come to the last chapter in my book

I'm finally writing the last page of to my story

Welcome to the Revelation to the Resurrection of a boy who thought all was lost


Chapter 18- the beginning of the end

I've made it,

I've finally overcame all the struggle of being a teenager living an alternative lifestyle

I am on my last leg

I dont think I could do it anymore

Because living in this Christian hell hole

was like being a magnet rejected from all angles

It made my skin push against their brains

Because being gay was something they couldn’t handle


They became a manifesto of Betrayal

Like a séance of Judas

Contacting spirits of Hatred

How could they be so Ruthless


My family


My family was suppose to catch me while I was falling

But instead they just turned and began to attack

One day, they will need me and my husband

And that will be the day that I might turn my back


Ms.Eller told me to write a poem about family

But I dont know Who, or what, or why

I should even dedicate something so precious

To a family that couldn’t accept me liking a guy


So Dear Family,

The time has finally come for me to say my farewells

Your little boy will be gone in a matter of months

And it is time for you to love him,

He has cried storms and storms and storms for your acceptance,

Tears became rain drops, drowning him in his own sorrow

His cries became thunder, heard for miles upon miles

Did you know, I’ve already applied to college

And before college accepts me,

I finally decided to accept myself, I applied as a gay student

I applied under the phrase, LGBT,

I am PROUD, I am a proud gay not a proud liar

and I just want you to be proud of me, Proud with me,

I know you wish I came from under the bed than out of the closet

But do you know that

You broke me down like a protein

Rejected me an organ

Fought me like a disease

But I’m still, your flesh and blood


So Love me,

Tell me, I’m still your baby

Tell me, That being with a boy won't drive you crazy

Tell me, That when I bring him home,

The only thing you will care about

Is if he makes me happy

So Tell me… Just tell me..That no matter what

you still

will always

Love me


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