Rather Not Say

Sat, 07/12/2014 - 09:17 -- RPrado
I rather die...
than force myself to sleep.
Thinking that everything should be eiditic;
something so sweet or so sour - slowly peels.
Just by looking up at a citadel
and down at my ledger.

I rather live...
knowing that I can swoon
Than think that everything is against evil;
the kindle turn into  the dark and the dark grow in the noon.
When we are all - to be liberal
around the moon.

I rather feel...
annoyed by what is decisive;
To think that everything is given for lee
than promise not to be esasive-
something I haven't seen.

I rather contemplate..
that my thoughts are what makes me thrive
and without them people will slowly become an etalon;
a mirror that can only define everybody without everything.
I rather than rather not say.



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