Time OUT

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 14:05 -- Dia U


Tick tock the clock keeps going

The sand in the hourglass keeps flowing

No matter how much sand there is

One day it will run out

Then what

Will reminisce  

On what we miss

Or find a new clock to tick

Will we float in the wind?

Blowing the leaves off the trees away

Fill the cold air with our breathless breaths

Have the air give a chill to our loved ones

While their memories of us warm their hearts

One day all our time will run out

It doesn’t matter

We can’t compare

Some have forty-eight hours

While some can be here for ninety-five years


Wanting what others got

Why is that?

Is it because

Once we have it

We no longer want it?

Jealous; wanting others’ lives

Not realizing that the persona you see

Is their disguise

Only the grand creator’s real eyes

Realize what truly lies inside


Life is like a book – you know the ending to

But the covers are strange

A book covered with rainbows and flowers

But the words inside are of buried roots and rain

Making the pretty picture you see on the cover

You don’t even know that

That diamond on your ring

Was a piece of charcoal long ago

Buried in dirt

To become the beautiful gem on your hand today


Life is a game

The greatest won

You can have a great time

Going along the board

But it’s the same start and ending for everyone

The rules are never the same for any two people

It doesn’t matter how long you play

Only how you play

Don’t let it play your

If you don’t like the rules

Make your own

If no one likes your way

Play alone

Everybody will hate when you go up the ladder

But laugh when you go down the chute


Everybody and everything will have their time shine

The candle stick with the brighter shine

Will have less time

Seven billion people on the planet

One day everyone will have their last

What will happen then?

A question has been unanswered since the beginning of time

I guess we will have to wait and see

We can wait a lifetime to find out

Since we will have eternity


Not trying to be gloomy I’m just saying reality

Today we are wasteful of EVERYTHING

Concern only about money

While the only thing we can’t pay back

Is flying passed

Once it’s gone it will IT IS GONE

It will never come back one moment never happens twice

Don’t be upset and regretful now

Overthinking how you could’ve played the game better

After the game [life] is through.



Dia U

It forces the reader to face reality.

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