The Human in Humanity

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 10:34 -- Veda_94

United we stand divided we fall

What good is equality if it isn't’t for all?

We call ourselves United but within we’re all divided

Race against race, poor against rich, dark against light

And no one really knows the point of this fight

If we actually took the time and contemplated

We’d see that we’ve gotten nowhere being separated

Our society is so absorbed with the color of skin

That we’ve forgotten we’re all just human

How are we supposed to believe we're all equal

When it's 2014 and we're experiencing a civil rights sequel

We need to stop with all this division

It’s time for us to do some revision

Find the greater good not just for you and me

But the greater good for humanity

The hate in this world is so unjustified

So now is the time we become unified


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