These Days

These days children are crying

Old people are dying

The privileged are whining

"Why can't everyone have MediCare!"

"That's so not fair!"

Meanwhile, their neighbor's son is being bullied

But nobody cares

Too caught up in activism

Too surrounded by pessimism

"Our country's not good enough!"

"We have to make sure to love!"

We all want to change

Yet our problem is the range

You ask for everything at once

I ask for one thing ASAP

Do you feel me?

A old lady is crying because she woke up unable to see

You're pissed off because you didn't get to pee

Before the rally you felt was necessary

Afterall, it's for a cause you've long stood-up for

Victimization has always opened doors

You think you've suffered

Simply because your episode buffered

You're having an episode right now,

Suck it up

And grow up

Life's not fair, sweetheart

Don't be such a cow

Always complaining

About human rights or if it's raining

I've been asked an important question

The same one they gave to you

Is America great or is it through

These days after so much time looking in the mirror

And watching you to make my answer clearer

It's neither

You're attitude declares us doomed

Mine makes us utterly screwed

But if we both sit down

And shut up

Maybe something will actually get done

Someday I'd like the chance to look at the sun

These days it isn't time for fun

There's still a long race to be run

Before America the beautiful,

America the wonderful

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My country
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