Eye for an Eye


The First Day I heard - Eye for an Eye
I became so happy
I thought is he giving me a letter -i for another -i
Or is he High or should I just say Hi?

This second thought, My happiness is now more than any phone battery.

Eye for an Eye

Now I thought just giving him an Hi
hez ganna gimme an iphone but Instead
I was giving a punch in D eye, beaten up and left on the
By this time am seeing stars .
Its nt funny tho
But we use to be Brothers
And she. My sister.
By now I understands what it Meant
Eye for an Eye.
But am not ganna du dat
I'll just eat up every anger in me
Cause that's will make me HUMAN again.

I just got this 1 question is there no HUMAN again?
All I did was look up to the sky With an Ocean of tears nd just ask WHO! U all know him - Is there no Human again
I'll Leave and just say Hi .

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Our world
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