Maybe hearts were made to beat

Rhythmic, natures own law to maintain its natural order

pulsing organs

blood flowing through veins of blue haze and red oxygenated agony

Purple scars heal with time

strong little heart

strong little heart

but is cut through like paper and bleeds like a dying nation

by blades made of wickedness and cold metallic tasting pressure

Bones are made stronger than concrete

But are more fragile than man made ego’s and the teachings of self proclaimed God’s

Endemic art is made


Purposely crafted

sculpted skillfully

carved Masterfully executed to create beauty in the eyes of unseen beholders

Maybe eyes were made to weep

tear ducts well with poisonous images embedded into the minds of our children

laborous hours to create a dollar and 15 cents for gas that costs 6 dollars

Maybe hands were made to seek and not find

yield but not be listless like withered old souls

dying from lack of hope

starving sunken eyes

Abyssmal nuggets of truth escaping bitter rotten mouths

Bathed in insecurity and pain

Natures own natural order

Natures own natural habitat

Systemic old Jailer

full of wisdom and deceit

Guilty we are

sensitive we are

tired we are

angry we are

Wombs bare

Hearts empty

Minds full of volcanic ash

creating ruptures in the system

acid rain on self esteem of beautiful souls

beautiful people

Natures own natural habitat

Natures own natural order

Maybe lips were made for leisure

Roses of the fruit of my labour

Both the Plows and the seeds

smiles and grimmaces

Justice is given

Lungs were made for death

Air laced with pathogens and parasites

weeding into your willpower

conforming the minds of the weak

There is no cure for the empty

There is no cure for the fool

There is no cure for the self righteous

Natures own natural habitat

Natures own natural order






This poem itself describes the social and economic injustices of the world today. Even though I am a teenager, I do have eyes and ears. The world screams sad songs. 

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