Person of color. 
I am a person of color in a land full of 
free, white men. 
I am living under rights first given to 
only free, white men. 


I am a person of color
in the land of the free, 
home of the brave. 
I am a person of color
in a country ran by a man who is 
making "America great again." 


I live in a country that is 
categorized by race, religion, ethnicity, and color. 
I am a person of color--
woman of color. 
And I am not as free as they say I am. 


We people of color--
we are given opportunuties that white men and women aren't given. 
They tell us we have more doors to open in the land of the free. 




They have bullets killing, and handcuffs chaining my black brothers and sisters
due to the color of their skin; 
they have an idea that they can't get their life together;
that they have no success in their blood. 


They have my Latino, Mexican, Hispanic brothers and sisters deported and accused of being aliens
because they do not have "proper papers" claiming they are real-- 
that they exist here.
They tell them to go back across the border to stop taking their jobs from under theiir nose
to stop ruining America. 


They stare and hide in fear when they see my middle eastern, Arabic, Muslim brothers and sisters
because of an attack so many years ago--
as if they are offended that they breathe the same air as them and go to the same store as they do. 
they mock my Muslim sisters for their hijab.
These people ask the men to shave their beards because they remind them of terrorists--
as if no terrorirsts was a white man with a gun in his hand. 


They tell my Asian brothers and sisters to go and grow more rice in the fields. 
They ask the women if they can give them a "happy ending"; 
ask the men if they feel inferior because of their penis size, 
less of a man because of his height. 
They ask if we are able to find the diamerter of their ego. 


we are prisoners of color. 
we are not welcomed in the land of the free.
but we are brave for still being here. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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