Similar in Our Differences

Thu, 07/16/2015 - 13:19 -- kjenk39

As young people, we are told

"Be yourself; noone can do it for you."

That is awesome.


Then we grow older

And ourselves are not what anyone expected.

That is awesome.


In growing up, we grow apart

From the closed mind of society and its limitations.

That is awesome.


We become our best versions of ourselves

Even if that version is pierced and tattooed

That is awesome.


My friendships are not limited

To people with whom I have everything in common.

In fact, most of my friends

Are quite diffferent from me.

That is awesome.


I have religious friends, as well as atheist friends.

Many of my friends are heterosexual, but many are not.

There is no one race

That makes up an outstanding portion of my friends.

That is awesome.


If the world, the entire world,

Would relieve itself from the mind-weakening discriminations

That it holds against people

Of different race, sexual preference, and lifestyle


If we, as humans, would learn to embrace others

For what they are, humans,

Then that 

would be


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Our world
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