Re: cycle


Re: cycle

When birds are bursting with the

Pain of a plastic belligerence;

When fish are found inside the

Suffocating circles of ignorance;

When raccoons are raging with the

Trashcan tranquility of human waste;

When our children choke on the

Smothering smog of industry;

When our families fizzle into

A background of bodies;

When our possessions protrude from

The carnivorous crust of Earth;

When oxygen obliterates the lungs

That you strained to survive;

When you utilize death as

An experimental escape from this plastic world;

What will you do

When the world becomes a chemical?

When wood has withered to

Numerous amounts of prosperous pollution;

When the soil solidifies into

A deadly permafrosted poison;

When the air asphyxiates all the

Remaining lesser life-forms on earth;

When our blood boils because

CO2 sliced away the stratosphere;

When our existence evaporates into

Nothing more than a constellation cosplay;

When our bodies burst into

Shining supernovas of the past;

When we restart and reverse life

Into a devolving disaster;

When photosynthesizers populate everything

Leaving human habitats desolate;

What will you do

When no people are left?

When astronomical atoms collided

To create a thriving terrarium;

When creatures crawled at

The first sight of sunlight;

When the breeze was breathed into

The widening windpipes of life;

When everything was an Eden

The flowering fruits never falling;

When human population heightened

Industry instantaneously took over;

When steam is surpassed by electricity

The deadly deforesting was brought forth;

When drills desecrated the crust of the earth

Metamorphic became a fearful malfunction;

When fossil fuels are expended

To sustain modern civilization;

What will you do

When the world is dead?


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