One Job May Change My Life


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One Job May Change My Life

An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic


There was only ever one job, one duty, one obligation

That has ever really interested me

One job that has changed the way I see the world, the way I viewed my future

This job may change my life


You may wonder

Just what job in this world truly is the best?

The kind that fills the purse?

Or perhaps the kind that rewards the heart?

For me, it is the latter,

For I would sooner spend my time with others and for others.

Sooner would I want to touch humanity with a purpose

Than to touch and turn my rags to riches.


Now you would question,

Would this job include changing the world

Or changing a few chosen people?

Again, the latter.

I do not want to have the power

Of kings, queens or even presidents

No, no kind of leader at all.

But the job that may change my life

Entails making a change, which,

Although seemingly small and insignificant,

Has more power and inspiration in it

Than any other that comes to mind.


Now you might say,

Get on with it! What is this job,

This job that may change your life?



There are children in the world

Who are destined for great things,

Children who have secret ambitions,

Children who, though disabled

And more difficult to teach,

Have a way to contribute to the world,

Something they want to say to the world,

And need the help and support

To learn how to speak,

To be given the voice,

To be lent an ear.

To be assured they are seen,

To be given the poise,

To be offered the attention.

To learn how to trust,

To be given praise,

To be handed their future.

Children with disabilities are often overlooked

And overlook themselves.

As for me,

I don’t want to leave them behind.


I will teach them

And watch them grow.

From the sprout to the seedling,

From the seedling to the tree,

I will have watched them become

What some may doubt they can become

What they may have doubted they could be.

I wanted my change in the world to be a subtle one in other’s eyes.

Not great to boast or flaunt my worth,

But faint like a star

That may shine from afar

But that still shines on…


This is the job that may change my life…



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