There is no one like you


In the world there are clever and foolish people,

There are virgins and prostitutes,

Rich, poor, middle class, and the clean and simple,

There are pretty things and a couple of tragedies,


There are the slim, the medium and there are the fat,

There is the horse, the dog, and there is the cat,

There are people dancing, there are people laughing,

There are people crying in the rain,


In the world there are lies and falsehoods

Rights, truths, and coincidences,

There are horizontal

Vertical and diagonal mentalities,


There is loss and accidental failures,

There are medals, trophies, and World Cups,

In the world there are vitamins and proteins,

There is marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine,


There are trees, branches, leaves and flowers,

There are many colorful mountains,

The world has divided decisions

Inputs, outputs, debut, hellos, and goodbyes,


There are innocent, there are murderers,

There are many mouths and little food,

There are governors and presidents,

Leaders and opponents,

There is cold and hot water


The world has microphones and loudspeakers

There are 6 billion people

There are ordinary people and smart people

But ...


There is no one like you,

No one like you, my love,


In the world, the earth is always moving,

There are oxygen tanks and battle tanks,

The sun and moon give us energy

Because we sleep at night and live in the day,

There are people who rectify what they say

And there are people who contradict themselves,


There are seeds and seaweed,

There is the deed and there is the meed,

There are vegetarian and meat shops,

There are bitter pills and sweets,

There are diseases and medicines,


There are full pockets, empty wallets

There are more robbers than cops

There are religions, there is atheism

There is capitalism and communism

Although we are similar, we are not the same

Why? Because...


There is no one like you

No one like you my love 


In the world there are very good ideas,

There are people living in fake utopias,

There are Don Quixotes and Dulcineas,

There are people, busy in their agendas,


There are real things and melodramas,

There are mazes and crosswords,

There are calls that no one answers,

There are many questions and few answers,


There are brave people, people with fear,

People who, about the world, don’t care,

People stopping, people sitting,

People dreaming, people walking,

Some people are born, people are dying,

There are people who hate and people who love,

People who want, but they can’t

There are people who need, but don’t receive

In this world there are many people



There is no one like you,

No one like you my love.

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