I am Human.


say something -


let me know that i am still human

that you don't hate me

let me know that you realize i have feelings just like you


smile at me -

a genuine one

greet me by my name

not what you think i deserve to be called

not something that would make me cry


be my friend

i won't hurt you

i won't bite you

i am not evil

i am human just like you

or have you forgotten?


one difference between us

why is there disgust?

and hatred?

and violence?

you want to be loved

as do i

you want to be accepted

and welcomed

as do i


you judge me by your beliefs

by what those around you say

you turn on me just so you can fit in

i get put on the spot for your amusement

like a circus clown taking the center ring

or a trained animal put on for show

shall you continue to ridicule me for others?

does this please you?


i play along to make you happy

because fighting back hurts even more

i smile and carry on

because acknowledging makes me seem weak

i feel the pain

i shed my tears

i hide away


smile at me

call my name

say something that doesn't hurt

i am human

or so the mirror tells me

but what monster are you?


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