The Osmotic Fluidity of Man

Liquid bodies
fluid minds
why not hearts
that freely pour?

They congeal
like Jell-O on ice—for a time
then calcify
in reticent minerality
compounding the granite wall
of a hard-hearted world.

Drink more love—people.

Hydrate this inner commonality.

Saturate the exchange paths of
congenial commingling—
drink it in and let it flow.

It is the osmotic fluidity of man.

Let it satiate this thirsty humanity
immerse us in
a cool pool of "lighten up"
refresh us in the vapor
of "let it go."

We need gentle rains
of truth and the living waters
to wash our liquid bodies
and fluid minds—

So that our hearts may freely pour.


© 2013 NavWorks Press and DE Navarro. All rights reserved.


Published in Dare to Soar, 2013. Available at any bookstore worldwide.

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