TV Perfection

I love TV and all its perfectness.
I love the way it makes me stress.
From its airbrushed women, head to toe.
The crazy drama's between friends and foes.
A world where everyday is a wonder, and barely any rain or thunder.
An hour movies are always happily ever afters,
when horror films end in disasters.
Cartoons with characters that never grow up, and so many shows waiting to blow up.
Realities are actually quite fake,
I wonder how much money they make.
TV world shows me a perfect life,
one that no one will ever see.
The media shows me that a size 2 is the best.
I can't get any rest.
I'm no a model.
Not shaped like a bottle.
I'm not perfect.
So does it mean, im not worth it.
I'll never be.
I'll always be me.
But should I be criticized?
My lifes purpose minimized?
No, just because your tv says you will be alone
Nobody should be a fake, unreal clone.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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