My face and body are human as can be.

How come however why don't I feel a part of humanity?


I look through eyes and something joins me.

What is this being that is cohabitating, what can it be?


When I'm hurt or sad and numb, it overtakes my body.

It looks out at the world with my eyes, maniacal and cold.


When it comes out I think of darkness and grief.

Of how my saddness anothers death would be swift and brief.


Of wrong things done that I would right,

And if those I love would be worth anything in a different light.


This alien creature knows no kindness or pain.

All it knows is blank and numb in an unyeilding refrain.


The shade of my red is no different from others,

But the vibrancy is dull and worn with sorrow.


And all I can think is where did this creature come from, and why did it come to me.

Does this being make me unholy or even more a part of humanity?




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