I Now Pronounce You: Wife and Wife


In 7th grade, I knew I was gay

I didn't think it was normal

Not to be straight

So I cut up my skin

And took a lot of drugs

I drank a lot of alcohol

And gave lots of boys hugs

With hugs I gave them other things

Things I knew they'd like

But when things got out of my control

They screamed at me, "Stupid dyke!"

The pain I felt was unreal

As I looked at my mother's face

When I told her in the doctor's office

That I had been raped.

I never cried so hard in my life

That night I went to bed

I knew someday I'd have a wife

To hold me close instead

But in our world are rules

Rules we must obey

How can they deny my marriage

Just because I'm not straight

Love is unconditonal

Love is how I survived

Loving my girl with all my heart

Was the only way I'd fight

But our government tells us no

That we aren't like the rest

Just because I am a girl

Who wears boxers and not a dress.

So tell me how it's fair

Not to allow two gays to marry

When all their lives they had to struggle

With the burden they would carry

The burden of being same sexes in love

Instead of a woman and a man

But who really cares about all of that when

We're all a part of God's plan

I know that in my heart

I love this girl more than anything

And all I want is to marry her

And give her a diamond ring.

So tell me Mr. President,

what do you declare?

Is it unconstitutinoal,

this homosexual affair?

The way us gays see it

Love is all the same

Love is what helped me through 7th grade

And it's love that stopped my pain.

So that's a bit about me.

I hope one day you'll find

My wife and I in our newly wed car

with our loved ones waving goodbye.



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