Gutter Cry Effect


Over time, “human” 
became a synonym for “flawed,”
a synonym for “weak,”
and a synonym for “cruel.”

Over time, humanity 
became an excuse 
to waive wrongdoings--
"I am only human," 
one will plea, 
and all will will let it slide, 
averting omissive gazes.
In itself, this bluntly reveals
our negative disposition.
Why, over time, was "human" 
never joyfully juxtaposed 
with words of positive connotations?

"Human" could have been
a synonym for “warrior,”
a synonym for “progress,”
a synonym for “sundry.”
It could have been a word
to serve as a reminder that life
is not a case of zero-sum warfare.
Easily, that exhaustively layered
combination of letters
could have instilled genuine
and widespread altruism.
It could have been a soft,
bright golden sound 
to intertwine hands to
as we smile remorselessly.

Had we not associated our very being 
with barbarism, failure, and misgivings abound;
and if, upon ill deeds committed,
perpetrators blamed personal fault
without tacking their crime
to our very own nature;
and if we often celebrated 
the unlikeliness of our existence
and reveled 
in the endless possible perceptions;
perhaps, this way, fewer would have become

everything we have made the word “human” out to be.
Perhaps we would not each feel somehow impaired,
or suffer each day, or despise mere existence.
Imagine, instead of using 
evolutionary excuses, 
if we cried out with joy:
es, I am human, but i am not only.”


Robert Bloom

Beautfiul.  Your message of humans being so much more capable than we think is very profound.  I'd want to know, for I sometimes wonder with my own poems, how did you decided when to start a new line?

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