Hopelessly Romantic


I shun this part right here

Waking in the middle of night battered heart

All we do is live in this perpetual fear

Again and again I try to avoid this part right here

We meet at crossroads

You swerve left but I am right

You speak in codes

So cryptically

This the reason we fight

We are stuck in this torrential rain

When it rains, it downpours

Trying desperately to contend against ache and pain 

Can't take it anymore!

Our emotions running at all time high

Our worlds screeching slow

I stare hopelessly into your eyes

Only to see a terrible night's sky

Dark and cold

There’s no where for us to go

You rip me to shreds

I may be nothing

 But your words mean nothing

In a relationship once held together with threads

What now?

Can we wait this out?

In this part right here

It's either do or we're going to die

Peer across the morgue

This relationship I am no longer aboard

I have nothing left



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