welcome to western society


Welcome to western society.
The civilized man.
The one with the answers
The reason we stand
The reason we fight. .
The reason we judge others and assume we are right.
The reason behind many country's hate.
The way we walk free
But when it comes to the challenge our chests deflate
Only certain opinions won't be openly mocked.
We need to have what the next man does.
Wear what we are supposed to wear and occasionally donate a few bucks.
We channel a lot of ourselves through the internet
Opinions, comedy, videos, even solicited sex.
Banners and flags constantly barrage our heads.
Everyone fighting for the best way to make us buy what they want us to next.
I speak not as a person who hasn't struggled with things,
But as an example of what happens when my true heart sings. When my true heart speaks.
I love this country.
I love the freedom.
I love that we can have bibles and are able to read them
I love that I get to raise my kids and others don't.
I love that I can be a Christian without being jailed
That I can walk outside and not have to smell, burning flesh or hear gunfire,
The screaming pain and burning tires.
I'm thankful for all of these things.
But if I don't care for the ones going through them then I'm almost as bad as the one doing them.
The evil deeds and actions of hate.
Murder greed and lies have become the world's mandate.
A generalization some would say.
But it's not news that things have been this way. It's not news that people are harming others,
not news that a politician wasn't perfect today. Not news that people think the world revolves around whether they are allowed to be gay.
Not news that animals are affected by our existence,
not news that we are gonna need to work to get things.
Not news that we are all fallible,
not news that we choose ourselves over our souls. Its not news that we betrayed our Creator.
Its not news that after that he cast us out. However, to some even though we have heard it before, it is news that Jesus was killed to settle your score,
to save your soul so you can live for evermore


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