Blinded By Love


See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
It hurt me once but it will hurt you more as I am through
I fell for you and loved you but you didn't and I had knew,
You had a touch I could not resist
Your love felt so soft as you gave me a kiss,
A moment that was do or die but there was a twist and I took that risk
I thought we were a team but
U played me on the field, I let my mind control my heart on something I had thought was real see I was blinded by love so I used my
Hands to feel,
You see I used something as a sheld I had my heart in a box and sealed,
I had to admit I was skeptical your time seemed reasonable but yet less flexible I guess I was skeptical letting your lies become acceptable
This love was only seasonal
How typical,
I wish I seen the clues about the things you would do it became
3 instead of 2 it wasn't me so tell
Me who,
U patrayed and lied about everything you said to me, I thought u was the one to guide but you
 mislead me,
My heart bled from cupids
Arrow that missed my heart
And fled thorough my chest I was shattered and there was no way
You could fix
the mess,
A heart that could not be repaired as I laid under your motionless stare,
I let my guard down thinking you cared but you didn't and I told you about my pass always thinking about the future, but I guess
Forever couldn't last,
I was driving to fast drunk in love so I crashed all the memories of what we had had black flashed,
but after all that I was laying in my hospital
Bed I opened my eyes and
A couple tears
had shed,
I'm not gone lie I thought you would be there holding my hand, I would have never messed with you if I knew this was
your plan,
6 weeks went by but it felt like a year or 2 it took me that long to see that this love was as fake as you
The realization came from the visitation which I had none from you,
You left me frustrated I wanted to put this gun to you but I had
To think twice could
Get 25 to life,
That was the only thing that kept me from killing you, but the thought of having nothin to lose had me thinking what should I do,
Should I let these knifes go through you physically or these rhymes
Go through you mentally,
But I found god when I got back
On my feet the only man that
Love me more than
These guys on the street,
I learned to love myself someone you didn't when you was thinking about yourself,
I was trynna find love in a world so cold, but that's a lesson learned and this pass is burned

So I'll just let karma have it's turn !


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