I'm Here

Our words are forgotten as our memories return.

They stopped, and time froze around us.

Enclosing us to this very spot, this very moment.

And although there is such a hatred that plagues our world.

There is no belief towards love.

Yet in hearts live our desires.

Even if those who were in love were to die...

Even if they were to be destroyed...

There love will live forever.

In our hearts, 

In our minds, 

In our memories, 

In our laughs, 

In our cries, 

In our sorrows and joys.

When the moment was gone we were left speechless

With our memories of eachother washing over us. 

And not like the tears we used to weep for eachother.

More like tsunamis that opened a hole in our hearts

With pain.

But that pain allowed our love to seep out.

And flourish.


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