Emotional Confusion

I wake up every morning from a world of illusion.

I open my eyes to a world of pollution,

Mental disillusion

And emotional confusion.


I am that societal contusion of mental dilution.

I am in collusion with inner demons to cause collision

Of unprecedented global termination.

Did I mention,

That when I wake from a world of illusion,

I wallow in a world of pollution?


Where am I supposed to let my mind wander,

When all I hear is catastrophic thunder,

Auspicated by global greed, self centeredness all hidden under,

All under the radar of common good it makes me wonder,

Why we act in ways worse than demons under.


I search and search for the one true north for direction.

But I find myself swallowed whole by this world of little recollection.

We forget about the body collection,

Garnered by this bomb, or that gun or that idiot with little human constitution.


I stare at the mirror and hate my reflection.

I have had enough of this society's injection.

Our infraction,

Is that while we fight for personal perfection,

All the victims feel is rejection.


We are a selection of minute, pathetic and insane imperfection,

Perfect clothes, shiny cars and shoes, curvaceous women or muscled men are our predilection

And so is money to keep full our mid section

We aid in 'smaller democracies' insurrection

Leading to the subjugation of all in need of protection.


Did I say that i wake up every morning from a world of illusion,

That I open my eyes to a world of pollution

Mental disillusion

And mental confusion?


I want to be an angry erection,

Wishing to tear apart the nature of little affection,

To all those who don't reach our connection.

Ladies and gentlemen I want to be that election,

That brings into office those less affected by this affliction,

Of vanity and need for material addiction.

Let me be that lyrical disinfection,

That leads to the transfusion of cautious attention,

Into the veins of those who cause disconnection with selfish infection.

Allow me to be the human diction that brings about the interdiction

Of humans' friction.


Did I say that I hate sleeping in a world of perfect illusion,

Only to live in a world of pollution,

Mental disillusion

And emotional confusion?




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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